To the new Year One…

Well, I can’t quite believe our year together is over already.

Boys and girls, you bought the magic this year and made it a fun, silly and successful one! I will miss you all terribly!


I am confident you are going to blow Miss Power away with your amazing abilities and cheeky charms.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the mums, dads, and carers for your continued support over this academic year (we couldn’t have done it without you).

Your children really are amazing little humans who will always have a special place in my heart.

See you in September,

Katie Menzies

Wild Flowers!

Would you believe it the wild flowers have grown taller than us!

We were also able to spot lots of mini beasts who had been attracted to their pretty colours and sweet smells.

The we had a bit of fun playing in the field.

Mini Sports Day!

We were all a little disappointed in not being able to take part in Sports day this year. So this afternoon we held our very own Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 event.

We had lots of fun and really tested out our speed, co-ordination and agility!

Deep Sea Divers!

Today we used another piece of ‘Mashcam’ software and the webcams on the netbooks. We had to align our head in a circle, pull a cheeky smile or scared expression and click to take a photograph.

Guess what!? It transported us deep down into the ocean! We then thought about what we might say and see as a deep sea diver floating around in the murky waters and gave our new character a speech bubble. Some of us also had a go at making our text bigger and smaller.

Mumbai Link School

To develop our International Schools project even further we are very excited to be creating a new link with a school in Mumbai.

The school is called M.K.E.S English school and it is in Mumbai. It has been open since 1994. They have children from 3 years to 15 years.
The head teacher for the primary school is called Kalpana Dogra and the primary children are 3 to 10 years of age. There are 700 children in the primary school.
We have created a power point presentation full of information about our typical school day to share with them, take a look!

Reception Powerpoint for Mumbai blog from Menzies on Vimeo.

Take two!

How amazing were Reception in their performance of ‘When you wish upon a…starfish!’??

Thank you for joining us for the show; it was lovely to see so much support.

Reception think that they are such good singers they could be called ‘One Reception!’

Another huge thank you for everyone at home who have helped the children learn their lines.

Now to get that song out of our heads!
Stay tuned for a video..if you want to hear it again!